Local Schools

School Postcode Distance Ofsted Report
Beal Vale Primary School OL2 7SY (0.15 miles) Satisfactory
Buckstones Primary School OL2 8HN (0.43 miles) Good
Crompton Hall Primary School OL2 7HD (0.54 miles) Excellent
East Crompton St George's CofE School OL2 8HG (0.31 miles) Good
East Crompton St James CofE Primary School OL2 7TD (0.08 miles) Requires Improvement
Farrowdale Prep Primary School – Private OL2 7AD (0.34 miles) N/A
Rushcroft Primary School OL2 7YL (0.50 miles) Satisfactory
St Joseph's Roman Catholic Primary School OL2 8SZ (0.74 miles) Excellent
St Mary’s High Crompton Primary School OL2 7PP (0.86 miles) Good

Transport Links

Motorway Network

  • M62  via A663 (2.7 miles)
  • M66 via M62 (9.6 miles)
  • M60 via A663 and Broadway (5 miles)

Rail and Tram

  • Metrolink Shaw and Crompton

Bus Routes