Top tips for preparing your property for photos

In today’s social media obsessed world, few things are more important than capturing the right picture. But when it comes to selling your home, this has always been the case. If you wish to attract the right sort of buyer and sell your property for the best price, you will need to ensure it is marketed in the right way. As we all know, this starts with a website and whilst websites can be a fantastic digital brochure for your home, the wrong imagery will mean you don’t get any of the interest you need.

Of course, at Barton Kendal estate agents Rochdale we will ensure a professional photographer is on hand to take the perfect shot – but there is only so much they can do! As the homeowner, there are many things you can do to make your house ready for its close up. So read on to see our top tips for preparing your property for photos…


Light up your life

Brightness is crucial to your home looking its best so make sure you have opened all the curtains and blinds and replaced any lightbulbs that might not be working. Opening doors to allow yet more natural light to flow through should also help and it will give the feeling of space and flow to the property too. Especially regarding the outdoors, choose a sunny day (if possible and if not, choose the brightest time of day) and this will make everything seem more inviting. It will also brighten up the rooms within the house too.

  • Moving to a new house is always a good time to de-clutter anyway, but it is absolutely essential to ensure as little clutter is on show as possible in the photographs. Don’t forget; what you see as tidy, someone else might not so minimalism is the best compromise.
  • In the kitchen – move chopping boards, appliances, tea towels, fridge magnets and of course dirty pots! Pet paraphernalia should also be put away and move the bin too.
  • In the bathrooms – remove all toiletries, toothbrushes and possibly even the toilet roll as well as ensuring the towels compliment the room and are very neatly folded. Always have the toilet lid down too!
  • In the bedrooms – make the beds, remove any clothes and if under the bed is used for storage, make sure this is properly hidden from sight too. Close any drawers or wardrobes.
  • In the reception rooms – ensure any soft furnishings are neat and well presented, so place your cushions properly and remove any throws from the sofa. Move any items such as games consoles, untidy magazines or games and DVDs. If there is a dining room, set the table up properly as if you were to host a dinner party.
  • Outside the home – remove any clutter from around the home and gardens, from weeds to leaves, to hosepipes, wheelie bins, toys; whatever there might be.


Make space

In addition to opening all the doors in the home, there are other ways to really show off the size of your home. De-cluttering always helps but additionally you could move furniture into more favourable positions, even if only temporarily, to show off what you have in terms of floor space. Moving rugs will also help to achieve this.

General points

Ensuring everywhere is tidy and cleaned will help – you’ll be surprised what the camera picks up! This extends to your windows too, so make sure everything is as sparkly as possible. Adding flowers into a room breathes life and a full fruit bowl in the kitchen will add a pop of colour that can draw the eye. Move cars from the drives and of course make sure TVs are turned off. It is also advisable to remove personal photographs and other items.

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