What a growing family should look for in a new home

We’ve all been living somewhat differently for the last 12 plus months, which includes for most of us, much more time at home. There’s a lot of talk, both inside and outside the property market about what we now value in our homes and what buyers are looking for in new homes. The reality, for us at Barton Kendal as we talk to buyers and sellers in Rochdale every day, is that for growing families in particular, the key issues are always around flexibility.

Growing families, in common, with most house buyers, want a home that’s somewhat future proof. Most of us don’t want to move often – it can be quite a big deal – so we want to get it right. Whilst compromises to a larger or lesser extent are usually inevitable, what’s important boils down to being able to imagine the property being suitable for different life stages. Most growing families are looking at 4 bedroom houses as a minimum, but beyond that they want and need the space to grow as their needs change. So what should a growing family look for in a new home?

Internally – is the space reconfigurable? Can it be open-plan or semi open-plan but also with enough space for privacy and quiet if needed? Is there room for a home office, an extra bathroom? A downstairs loo?

Outside – is there room for an extension? An up and out, or just an out? Is the outside space large enough to accommodate a growing family and all the current and future paraphernalia – bikes, trampolines, paddling pools and parties for all the different stages of life? A garden office?

School catchment areas – is the property close to both suitable primary and secondary schools?

Public transport – are there trains, buses, trams close by for those first steps of independence in the teen years?

Hobbies/leisure/community – are there clubs, parks, activities nearby to suit all members of the family, and a good sense of community?

If you are looking for a 4 bedroom house in Rochdale that meets both your current and future needs then get in touch. We are experts in the Rochdale property market and we can help you find the home of your dreams.

If you have a property in Rochdale that doesn’t meet your current needs and you think it would be perfect for a family then get in touch for a free valuation, and we’ll help you find a new property that does meet your needs too.