Why do you need to get your property valued, and what happens at a valuation?

If you are considering putting your Rochdale house on the market, one of the first things you need to do is get it valued. That’s where we come in, and probably meet you for the first time. Hello!

Why get it valued?

Properties tend to sell quickest when they are up for sale at the right price for both the market and area. A valuation is about making sure you understand a likely selling price for your property, which is based on more than just what someone on else on your street just sold theirs for. The right price will attract the right buyers. Importantly, if you overestimate the value, and aim for over market value, a mortgage lender might disagree with the valuation and not agree to lend what a buyer needs, which would mean a failure to sell further down the line and disappointment all round. Conversely, if you price it too low, potential buyers might wonder what is wrong with it! Valuations are key to getting a sale.


What happens at the valuation?

Your local Barton Kendal estate agent will visit your home and measure up each room (with a digital measuring device) which will help them draw up the floor plan. Floor plans are a great way of helping buyers visualise a property before deciding to book a viewing. It’s hard to tell just how rooms interlink, and the flow of a property, so an accurate floor plan is important. We also take note of key features that buyers might be interested in, right from the street (kerb appeal) and any outside space (front and back) through to the initial entrance/welcome and then items such as branded appliances, high-end kitchen worktops and original floors or period features like fireplaces. If your current home has a roll-top bath or a garden office we’ll take particular note of them as buyers love them!

Your estate agent will then sit down for a chat about the valuation they have come up with and discuss with you the price to put the property on at. We know the Rochdale housing market and we’ll discuss with you what is selling where and how to achieve the best price for your Rochdale property.

Get in touch today on 01706 653 214 to arrange a valuation for your home from your local Rochdale estate agents.